The Apprentice Season 5 contestant Summer Zervos has joined a growing number of women accusing GOP candidate Donald Trump of inappropriate behavior.  In a televised news conference today, Zervos claimed Trump grabbed her breasts and began kissing her in a bungalow at Beverly Hills Hotel, where she’d gone to talk to him about a job.

Trump, at a campaign rally speech today, said all of the accusations against him are false and part of a campaign by the media and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to thwart his candidacy.

With Gloria Allred at her side, Zervos read a statement detailing her allegations, while TV news cameras broadcast to voters. According to Zervos, even after she was fired from the reality series competition, she continued to see Trump as a mentor and “potential employer.” In 2007 when she was in New York, she contacted the real estate developer to see if he could have lunch and was instead invited to meet with him in his office, where he kissed her on the lips twice, which made her uncomfortable. In her statement Zervos said he was extremely complimentary in the meeting and said “he would love to have me work for him.”

Some time later, Trump called her and said he was coming to Los Angeles, asking her to meet him at the Beverly Hills Hotel. When she arrived, she said, she was taken to his bungalow where, she said, he kept her waiting 15 minutes, emerged from the bedroom, and soon began to kiss her, grab her breasts and “thrust his genitals.”

Reading emotionally from her prepared statement, Zervox said she pushed him away and made it clear she was not interested. As they waited for dinner to be delivered to the room she sat as far away from him as possible, while he said he did not think she had ever known love. Talk turned to the mortgage on her home, and she claims Trump advised her how he was “able to maneuver to get out of debt,” advising her to let her house go into default.

After dinner he abruptly said that he was tired and needed to retire, telling her to meet him the next morning at his golf course in Palos Verdes.

Zervos said today she was “conflicted as to what occurred,” adding, “Even though Mr. Trump had sexually harassed me. I still wanted to get a job within the Trump organization. I felt that since I had made it clear to him that I was not interested in having a sexual relationship with him that if he gave me a job it would be based solely on merit and we would be able to work together.”

According to Zervos, the general manager of the course called her later that week and offered her a job at half of what she had told him she was seeking in terms of salary. She called him to say she was upset and felt she was being penalized for not having sex with him. Trump, she said today, asked her to send him a letter detailing what the jobs within his organization she felt she was suited for. He later told her he could not hire her because he was laying off thousands of employees.

“I was disappointed, but harbored no ill will towards Mr. Trump whatsoever and felt that there was no point in any further attempts to get a job with Mr. Trump,” Zervos said.

In a conversation with Deadline’s Dominic Patten, Allred stressed she and Zervos have no intention of pursuing legal claims against Trump “right now.”

Dominic Patten contributed to this report.