BREAKING: AMC Theatres is teaming up with CNN to bring the network’s Election Night in America coverage to AMC Stubs members and their guests at movie theaters across the country. Fifty theaters in 25 major markets are participating, and the theater chain said that its Stubs members can choose between Election Night result viewing parties at theaters designated as either blue (Democratic) or red (Republican).

This is the first time AMC, and perhaps any theater chain, has offered viewing parties in their theaters on Election Night, a night when few moviegoers go to see films anyway. So on November 8, the exhibitor is hoping that their regular moviegoers, who can bring two guests each, will become election party goers. The events will begin at 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific.

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“On Election Night, as Americans gather in their communities to watch the conclusion of this historic election, we recognize that Democrats want to cheer with fellow Democrats and Republicans cheer with fellow Republicans,” Elizabeth Frank, AMC’s Executive VP and Chief Content & Programming Officer, said in a statement.

AMC used voter registration data to establish where to denote blue or red theaters.

But here’s the thing: According to the program, any AMC Stubs members are welcome to RSVP for either theater in their market, regardless of political affiliation. In such an emotionally explosive and derisive election, we hope they have good security as participating cities include Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit and in swing-state cities of Columbus, Ohio, and Denver, CO (the poll workers there were required to take active-shooter training courses).

AMC would not comment on its security measures, but clearly it will have something in place as some of the cities allow concealed carry and the two candidates are strongly pro-NRA and anti-NRA.

Other cities participating in AMC’s program include Orlando, Phoenix, St. Louis, Houston, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, FL, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Tampa and Washington, D.C.