UPDATE, TUESDAY AM, with actuals: There were a handful of upward swings in the Monday actuals, including on two titles from Warner Bros as the studio closed out a strong overseas weekend frame. Clint Eastwood opener Sully swooped in on an extra $1M to land the overseas debut at $10.5M. Much as American Sniper did in early 2015, Sully gave Eastwood some of the best international bows of his career, including this time in Russia and the UAE.

WB’s Suicide Squad was also up, by $500K as it put its skates on to roll past $700M global. It passed that milestone late-Sunday/early-Monday. The offshore cume through Monday is $394M with domestic at $308M for $702M worldwide. Saturday added Japan which is the final market for the DC adaptation. The number there came in higher at $3.8M versus the Sunday estimate.

Leading both of those pics was WB’s first foray into Korean co-production with The Age Of Shadows (Mil-Jeong) which bowed to $16.1M in the market that saw a standout summer for local pics. This one is also Korea’s Oscar entry and just premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Holding ahead of the Squad was another motley band, albeit mostly of the four-footed variety. Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets fetched an extra $800K over the Sunday estimate. That brings the worldwide total to $790M through the weekend. Last week, Pets had its Italian premiere at the Venice Film Festival where Deadline spoke with Illumination founder Chris Meledandri about the film’s global success. Just this weekend, Meledandri premiered Sing in Toronto which has the makings of yet another smash from the animation studio.

With $16.6M, Star Trek Beyond was the weekend leader — largely off a good run in China. This was, however, another crowded turn-of-the-season frame and overall saw the international box office dip 40% across the Top 10 titles versus the same session in 2015. Last year’s comparable weekend included the Middle Kingdom take-off of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation which cruised to an $85.8M opening there.

Next week, Bridget Jones’s Baby will look to deliver in about 45 markets. The film has been well-reviewed and by accounts is laugh-out-loud funny. Its tone is understood to be closer to the first movie which grossed $210M+ overseas all the way back in 2001. The sequel did slightly better at $222M+ although domestic skewed much higher on the original and currency fluctuations factored in the second. The UK and the European majors are the key plays for Our Bridge, along with Australia. Also notably entering play next week is Blair Witch, a new offering in the franchise that created a whole new genre in 2000. The UK, Australia, Brazil and Scandinavia will be first up for the pic that is coming on the heels of a hot summer for horror.

Actuals on all titles reporting have been updated by Nancy Tartaglione below the original post

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY PM: Warner Bros. is having a fantastic weekend both abroad and domestically with Sully opening up a big $35.5M stateside and taking in another $9.5M overseas in its international debut. In addition, the studio’s Suicide Squad is back on top this weekend pocketing another $10.1M and edging closer to the $400M milestone in international markets and is on the tipping point of $700M globally. But it’s the studio’s local Korean title Mil-jeong that has opened to huge numbers — grossing a whopping $16M — in Korea. The three titles are strong in what has been a crowded overseas marketplace. Next weekend will see the release day and date of the comedy Bridget Jones’s Baby, which is expected to deliver well in more than 40 markets from Universal. This is what the international marketplace looks like this weekend (actuals on all titles reporting have been updated by Nancy Tartaglione):



A local title has taken Korea by storm and it just so happens to be Warner Bros.’ first foray into co-productions in the country. Specifically, it is a WB presentation of a Grimm Pictures and Warner Bros.’ Korean production (with Harbin Films). Mil-jeong (translated to The Age of Shadows) took a phenomenal $16.1M on a budget of only about $8.5M in its first weekend out. The period drama, set in 1930, is about the history of an armed independence movement called the Organization of Righteous Bravery, during Korea’s colonialism by Japan. It was directed by Korea’s own Kim Jee-woon and stars popular local actor Song Kang-ho (Snowpiercer). The project reunited Kim and Song who worked together on The Good the Bad and the Weird.

The film, which bowed in Venice under the title The Secret Agent, is the country’s entry for Academy consideration. It dominated the box office locally this weekend with an 80% share of the Top Five films and raking in a big $11K per screen of on its 1,444 plays.

Sully Box Office

Clint Eastwood’s hero drama Sully which pairs Eastwood and Tom Hanks for the first time, flew into 39 markets and 3,631 screens this weekend to land a better-than-projected $10.5M in its international debut. Worldwide, the total is $45.5M so far with many more big markets yet to launch. Last year at this time, Everest launched in 36 markets and broke a record for a September on Imax screens. In comparison, Sully released on about 148 screens this time around were Imax which grossed $1.1M. Even still, Sully gave Imax a global record for a September 2D release. With a total of $5.1M, Sully bested The Maze Runner‘s $4.2M.

This Oscar possibility opened to strong results in Australia, Russia and the UAE. Specifically, Down Under where the film snuck during Father’s Day, it ended up with a No. 2 ranking with $2.4M from 363 screens. That’s an excellent $6,336 per screen and the result gave Eastwood his second best showing in the market, only behind his other heroes film, American Sniper. Sully played past other comps, including the 2012 offering Flight — a pilot’s story that also paired a top notch director (Robert Zemeckis) with an A-list star (Denzel Washington). It opened 46% better than Flight in the country, 45% ahead of the Hanks’ starrer Bridge of Spies and bested the actors’ Captain Phillips by 19%.

In Russia, Sully now becomes Eastwood’s best opening weekend in the director’s long career but the No. 1 film there was Ben-Hur. No. 2 was the raunchy animated comedy Sausage Party. Go figure. So, Sully ended up ranking No. 3 but pulled in $1M on 882 screens, leaping over Flight by 121% and about on par with Captain Phillips there. In the United Arab Emirates it was No. 1 with $1M from 61 screens and bested American Sniper to become Eastwood’s top opener ever. Sully flies into its next big market of Japan on Sept. 24.


star trek beyond

Coming off its second weekend out in China, Paramount’s Star Trek Beyond grossed another $16.6M this weekend from 40 markets, which included six new openings. The international cume is now $161.5M and that includes another $11.3M from the Middle Kingdom, where its total gross now stands at $53.3M. It played in 5,821 locations there.

Mexico debuted to No. 1, flying in with $1.5M at 700 locations, which was good for an opening 67% above Star Trek and 20% below Star Trek Into Darkness. Likewise, it hit No. 1 in Panama with $530K from 100 cinemas, which logged in at 155% above Star Trek and 26% below Star Trek Into Darkness. Peru opened at No. 2 with $248K from 91 locations, good for 72% above Star Trek and 7% above Star Trek Into Darkness. In Argentina, Star Trek Beyond made roughly $205K at 130 sites, which took it 387% above Star Trek and 72% above Star Trek Into Darkness.

It’s No. 1 in Brazil after having pulled in $1M at 506 sites. The cume there is $3.6M. The final frontier will be Japan October 21.

The Secret Life of Pets
Universal Pictures

Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures’ family phemon is having another great weekend, scratching in $15.9M in 60 territories for an international total of $428M. Combined with the estimated U.S. total of $361.8M, the worldwide gross is now a whopping $789.8M.

This weekend, Pets enjoyed a No. 1 in Australia with a take of $5.6M (including last week’s previews) to take a 32% market share. The film opened bigger than comps like Inside Out, Zootopia and Despicable Me 2 to name a few, and is well placed for the upcoming staggered school holidays that run through early October.

Elsewhere, in Malaysia, Pets bit off a No. 2 opening with $646K, opening to similar numbers as Inside Out and even bigger than Despicable Me. Once again, the animated fave is set to take advantage of the country’s holidays this week.

In Japan, it still is holding well in its fifth weekend out, with a strong No. 2 presence among MPAA titles. The weekend took in $1.1M for a country cume of $38.3M. Brazil is still No. 1 for the third week in a row, tucking in another $2.3M with a very strong 31% market share. The 18-day total is $13.8M.
In Russia, Pets crossed the 2B ruble milestone and has a cume of $31.9M. In Spain, Pets is top dog for all movies of 2016 with $22M.
And finally, Singapore is still holding strong at No. 1 for the second week in a row for a purse of around $490K; it has 30% market share for a big 11-day total of $2.1M.
The film still has four markets in its release schedule, up first with New Zealand on Sept. 15, Poland on Sept. 23, South Africa the following weekend and Italy on Oct. 6.

suicide squad
Warner Bros

The DC-Comics based film from Warner Bros. was one of the top film of all the holdovers this weekend, raking in another $10.5M from 6000 screens in 62 markets. The film debuted in Japan this weekend to $3.8M. Those results are ahead of Guardians of the Galaxy by about 65% and on par with Batman v Superman and Deadpool.

Suicide Squad‘s international cume sits right now at $392.6M with a global take of $699.4M so by tomorrow, it will cross $700M globally.

The top markets outside of the North America where it has taken in a whopping $307.4M to date continue to b the U.K. with $43.3M, followed by Brazil with $35.1M, Mexico ($27.1M), Australia ($325M) and Russia ($24.4M).

the shallows blake lively

The Shallows is continuing to scare up audiences around the globe this weekend, grossing $9.7M from about 7,000 screens in 56 markets. The international cume so far is $55.2M. The thriller has played equally well both overseas and stateside. It opened in China this weekend to a solid $8.4M from 5,000 screens, which was 12% ahead of its closest comp, Into the Storm. The Sony offering took the No. 2 spot in the Middle Kingdom.

Jane Levy stars in Screen Gems' horror-thriller DON'T BREATHE.
Screen Gems

Another film from Sony, this horror film directed by Fede Alvarez just won’t stop playing either overseas or stateside. It opened in the U.K., Germany, Italy and Latin America this weekend to strong numbers. In the U.K. it grabbed $1.4M from 425 locales and ended up 20% higher than the debut of The Purge: Election Year.

This weekend domestically, it inhaled $8.25M on its way to a cume of $66.8M. Internationally, it grabbed another $9.46M from 3600 screens in 30 markets for a total cume of $20.8M. So, worldwide, the current gross is $87.6M and climbing on what was a very modest budget of around $10M (not counting P&A).

Don’t Breathe opened throughout Latin America where horror fans usually come out strong, and, in fact, it’s on track to become Uruguay’s highest-grossing horror film ever (Alvarez hails from Montevideo). In Brazil, it collected $1.2M (which included previews) from 390 screens to take the No. 2 spot and rank 16% higher than Lights Out. Don’t Breathe also opened to No. 1 in Argentina ($465K) and Central America ($295K).

Germany was good for another $1.3M (which also included previews) from 331 screens and on par with the opening of Lights Out but it lost out over Lionsgate’s Nerve in that market which edged it out by $200K (see below). Italy opened in the same range as Unfriended with $560K (including previews) from 257 runs. Holds were also good in Australia (down only 30%) and in Spain (-37%). Upcoming releases include Mexico on Friday and then France (Oct. 5) and South Korea (Oct. 6).


This epic remake of the class film that starred Charlton Heston is still rounding the track overseas in 54 markets. It raced in with $8.3M for a new international cume of $40.2M. The Paramount faith-based offering opened to No. 1 in Russia over Sully (an American hero tale) to gross $2.3M at 1,200 locations. It also opened to No. 1 in France with $1.2M at 427 locations and then the U.K. added another $1.5M from 510 cinemas.

Ben-Hur’s holdover territories? Its second weekend in Spain collected $491K at 305 locales to bring the movie’s total up to $2.2M. Germany’s second weekend grossed $242K from 461 cinemas to bring the total there to $1.2M. Upcoming still are Korea on Sept. 14 and Italy on Sept. 29.


There were no new openings for Jason Bourne this weekend, but the repairing of director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon in this Universal franchise has been paying off for all involved. Bourne is the highest grossing film of the franchise internationally, and last weekend, it passed The Bourne Ultimatum’s lifetime total of $216M.

This weekend, the actioner took another $4.6M from its 56 territories to lift its international cume to $231.8M. Domestically, it’s at $158.8M, making the worldwide gross sit just under the $400M mark with $390.5M. China is still holding at No. 4 in the film’s third weekend there with $1.1M for a 20-day total of $65.7M. Italy, in its second weekend, is also holding at No. 4 with $658K for an 11-day total of $2.2M. In its second weekend out in Russia, Bourne has placed No. 5 with $685K for an 11-day total of $3.4M.

The final release for the film will come Oct. 7 in Japan.


Lionsgate stateside over-performer Nerve pulled in $5.1M from 58 markets this weekend, with a strong debut this weekend Germany where it trounced Don’t Breathe which also had its debut there. The film, which has skewed young female, took the No. 1 slot in the market. So far, its cume has reached $23.6M. Nerve also opened well in neighboring Austria with $168K and placing No. 2.

It next bows in Russia on Sept. 15, followed by the Netherlands (Sept. 22) and Belgium (Oct. 5).

The films’ top markets are France with $3.9M, the U.K. ($3.1M), Spain ($1.6M), Australia and Israel ($1.5M each).

Sony Pitures

Seth Rogen’s raunchy R-rated animated comedy from opened in 10 new markets this weekend, dishing out another $4.2M to distributor Sony to bring its cume up to $20.4M. Now playing in 25 markets and on about 2,100 screens, its holdover business also remained strong. It’s still No. 1 in its sophomoric frame in the U.K. gobbling up another $1.6M from 511 locales to lift its cume to $7M. It debuted in Russia to $1.2M from 886 screens and pushed it to the No. 2 spot behind only faith-based Ben-Hur while Sully took the No. 3 spot in its debut the market.

Sausage Party took No. 1 in New Zealand, too, opening on 41 screens with a gross of $315K (including previews), good for 30% higher than Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. It will next bow in Brazil and Germany on Oct. 6, followed a day later in Spain. After that, it rolls into Italy on Oct. 31, then Japan (Nov. 4) and France (Nov. 30).


Ice Age: Collision Course took in another $4.3M for Fox in its 42 markets where it is still playing out. Warming audiences on 6,218 screens, the international cume now sits at $334.7M. Even though the school holidays have come and gone in the Middle Kingdom, China business continues to be strong. In fact, China makes up the bulk of its weekend gross with $2.53M there; it’s accounted for $63.7M of the film’s cume and remains the No. 1 market for the entire animated franchise. It also has surpassed the lifetime gross of The Secret Life of Pets in the market.

In Italy, it remains strong in its third weekend of release, taking in another $1M and ranks No. 3 in the marketplace.


STX Entertainment’s female-driven comedy Bad Moms enjoyed three new openings this weekend and took in another $3.7M on over 4,000 locations in 53 markets. The worldwide cume just keeps rising and the distributor can now toast to a $151.9M purse.

Internationally, it has grossed a total of $44.4M. In the U.K., it has held onto its No. 3 spot in its third weekend out and that was good for $1.25M from its 450 locals. Its cume in the country is now $7.6M, which is good news as it is running 73% of Trainwreck.

Down Under it added another $650K from 260 locations. The cume in Australia now is $10.6M, and that logs in 11% of Trainwreck. The film still has some key markets yet to launch, including Germany on Sept. 22 and Italy on Oct. 13.

finding dory

It’s hard to believe that this picture is still playing after being released in June, but it is and it has navigated in with another $3.4M for its distributor Disney. Its international cume is a staggering $467.1M for a worldwide total of $950.6M. And there are two big markets upcoming for this animated family favorite — Italy next weekend and Germany on Sept. 29th.

Finding Dory now sits as the No. 10 all-time industry release in Australia where it has chalked up $36.1M there. In terms of top territories, Australia ranks No. 4 outside of North America. Leading the school is Japan with $65M, followed by the U.K. with $53.3M and China with $38.4M. Rounding out the top five is Brazil with $34.5M.

lights out
Warner Bros.

Continuing to play in its 50 markets, this horror film distributed by Warner Bros., lit up another $2.5M this weekend at the international box office. The film which also enjoyed great business stateside, is still playing on 1,893 screens abroad.

Its international cume is now $75.1M with its top market being South Korea with $7.7M, followed by Mexico ($5.5M), Spain ($4.8M), the U.K. ($4.5M) and then Russia ($3.9M). Worldwide, this modestly budgeted film has already grossed over $141M.

War Dogs
Warner Bros Pictures

War Dogs, the true story about fraud and contractors in Afghanistan that stars Jonah Hill, Miles Teller grabbed another $2.4M from 2,008 screens this weekend where it’s still playing in 52 markets. The international cume for this comedy/drama is now $26.2M. The movie, written by Stephen Chin and directed by Todd Phillips, opened in Spain to a nice $580K to earn a No. 2 ranking there. The top market continues to be the U.K. with $4.2M with Russia nipping at its heels with $4.1M. Australia ranks next with $2.9M. The next release will be Sept. 14 in France followed by Germany on Sept. 29.

Kubo And The Two Strings

The 3D stop-motion fantasy action/adventure film has garnered some good reviews overseas just as it had done stateside. The film brought in another $2.3M from its 32 territories this weekend for an early international total of $8.4M. Combined with Focus Features’ U.S. total of $40.9M, the worldwide cume is now $49.3M.

The film opened in 8 new markets, including the U.K. and Ireland, Singapore, Thailand, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Portugal and Uruguay. Breaking those territories down: the U.K. and Ireland opened at No. 5 with $1.1M at 515 dates. Singapore opened to No. 3 with a solid $203K at 29 dates and this film is having the biggest opening weekend for Laika in the market as its enjoying a school holiday run.

In other markets, Thailand is off to a strong start with $100K at 41 dates (that includes previews). This is the first Laika film ever to release in the country. Norway had a good opening with $56K at 64 dates, which is well ahead of Coraline and Paranorman and just 7% below The Boxtrolls.

In holdovers, notable is a good third weekend hold in Spain where it tackled $163K for a 17-day total there of $1.5M.

The film will step into more territories in the coming months with openings in Chile and Paraguay next weekend. It will follow that with a Sept. 21 opening in France and French-Switzerland.

pete's dragon

Disney’s live-action/CGI fantasy adventure grossed another $3.1M this weekend for the studio from 29 territories to bring its international cume to $32.9M. Worldwide, this family film which had a budget of roughly $65M (not counting P&A) now stands at $102.2M, having finally crossed that $100 milestone. Pete’s Dragon released this weekend into four new markets, including the Philippines ($400K). The top spots for Pete outside of the U.S. is the U.K. with $6.2M, followed by France with $4.2M.

MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES (FOX), $1.83M (27 markets) weekend; $28M cume.
ME BEFORE YOU (WB), $1.5M (Italy only, No. 1 in 2nd frame); $147.3M cume.
INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE (FOX), $1.26M weekend (7 markets including Italy topen); $283.1M cume.
MORGAN (FOX), $818K weekend (28 markets); $2.43M cume.
CUERPO DE ELITE (FOX), $726K weekend (Spain only); $5.1M cume.

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE (UNI), $616K weekend (18 markets); $87.8M cume.
PURGE: ELECTION YEAR (UNI), $569K weekend (13 markets); $31.3M cume.
THE BFG (DIS), $700K weekend (17 markets); $44.6M cume.