Returning from a 5-week hiatus, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee took a very late but maybe snarkiest crack at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum and the TV press’ coverage of the election cycle in general. She did concede that critics maybe were meaner to Matt Lauer than he deserved, including the praise he got next morning on Fox News Channel, which she called the harshest cut of all.

Lauer actually did a fantastic job “at the meaningless campaign coverage we’ve come to demand from our media,” Bee blasted, wondering when “news networks decided to trade their balls for ratings.”

“At some point, networks decided they could ask questions, and answers would just be someone else’s problem. Specifically, yours.” Into this list she put, among others, FNC’s Chris Wallace, who is moderating one of the upcoming debates and recently said, “I do not believe it’s my job to be a truth squad.”

Here’s part 2 of her TV news takedown: