Rob Corddry was able to send off his departing Adult Swim series Childrens Hospital with a bang tonight as he picked up his first Emmy for Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series at the 68th Creative Arts Emmys. Corddry was a Emmy winner tonight as he also took home a third Short Form Comedy or Drama Series Emmy for the series, which concluded its seventh and final season April 15.

“This is such a great way to go out,” Corddry said while accepting the acting award tonight.

Childrens Hospital

The comedian notably fielded offers from both Adult Swim and Comedy Central while pitching the series, going with the former after deciding the series was better suited for shortform rather than the half-hour format Comedy Central wanted. Backstage tonight, Corrdry spoke about the show’s success in the shortform format. “I don’t know about my role in making it happen, I think it was already happening,” he said. “I got in while the getting was good.”

Corrdry also praised the Television Academy for being on the cutting edge. “I like that the Academy pays attention as much as they do,” he said. “The media is changing so much and they’re really on it, more so than the movie business. It’s a great time for TV.”

As for the decision this year to split the Creative Arts Emmys into two nights, Corrdry is a fan. “It’s so great — the show’s almost over!” he laughed just before 7 PM, adding that last year he knew people who “brought a book. … It was fun, but nothing is fun for that long.”