NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers gave Howard University students in Washington D.C. a surprise when he announced “Everyone give it up for the First Lady” causing them to leap to their feet screaming.

In addition to the Michelle Obama, NBC’s America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon also was a guest; he recently enrolled at Howard.

“College was the most important thing I’ve done in my life – other than being First Lady, having kids and marrying Barack Obama,” Michelle Obama said to laughter. “It taught me I could leave home and be successful away from home.”

The trio took questions from nearly 250 Howard freshmen in the on-campus auditorium, according to the White House press pool report. The First Lady and Meyers offered advice to students for the segment that will air next week on Late Night.

Obama, for instance said she wished she had “tried more things” as an undergrad, adding “I would have taken more risks.”

Meyers, meanwhile, noted that in his freshman year, “I learned a lot about hygiene,” adding, “I was not a jackpot roommate.”

Cannon, who is 35, said he did not enroll at Howard to get a degree. “I’m here because I have a real thirst for knowledge.” Students snapped their fingers in response.

FLOTUS also advised students to choose a major about which they are passionate, and look for internship opportunities. Her personal assistants all are former White House interns who stood out, she said, adding, “My life is controlled by 20-something-year-olds. It’s really annoying.”

To de-stress, she advised hanging out with friends and laughing. “Laughter is a huge de-stressor, so make sure you get that in,” she said.

“One of the places to get that laughter is Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Meyers said, jumping on that too-good-to-pass-up plug opportunity. Meyers, since before the Olympics, has been touting his Late Night is coming to Washington, but in October.

FLOTUS motorcade had started rolling from the White House at 11:03 to get to Meyers’ taping, on a morning of on-and-off drizzle in DC., according to the pool report. Stopped in traffic at 7th and T streets NW, an elderly man blew kisses at the motorcade.