Just under four months after making his very dramatic exit from ABC’s Live With Kelly And Michael, Michael Strahan made his official debut as full timer on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning:

If you were looking for more Strahan drama, you were disappointed. His debut was happy and collegial, in marked contrast to his slo-mo exit from Live in May.

“I’ve done this for four years… This is a moment that I didn’t anticipate being here. At least at this point,” Strahan said that morning in May. Because of course, it originally had been announced he was leaving in September, only when Ripa returned to the show, after receiving apologies from top ABC brass for the late notice, the company announced he’d be leaving Friday the 13th instead.

Live With Kelly And Michael enjoyed maximum daytime drama when Disney announced that act was busting up in May, after four years, so Strahan could head to ABC News’ Good Morning America full time. Ripa, informed just 30 minutes before it hit the press, went MIA from the show for two days. In doing so, she succeeded in turning the media’s attention from him to her, just like that.

After she returned to work, talking of the importance of respect in the workplace, the company said it would take Strahan off the show that month, instead of this month, as had been announced. It was presumed producers decided they should get his replacement settled in as quickly as possible, what with Ripa’s contract coming up in 2017 and her being mad as a wet hen as to how in-the-dark she’d been kept during the whole process of moving Strahan to help shore up GMA ratings.