Larry Wilmore visited Stephen Colbert’s Late Show last night and talk turned to their both having hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The two former Comedy Central hosts got blasted for their performances by media in the hall, who don’t appreciate being on the receiving end of pointed barbs at their annual Nerd Prom.

“I was very inspired by Stephen. When you called President Bush your ni**a, I could not believe you did that. I thought it was very brave,” joked Wilmore, who was widely blasted for saying same to President Obama during his performance.

“Very few people appreciate the courage that took me to say,” Colbert said, playing along.

The two late-night hosts concluded that Reporters Who Cover Politics, TV news anchors/hosts and the politicians they cover – aka the 3,000 people packed into the Hinkley Hilton ballroom each year for the event – are singularly humorless people. This is common knowledge to those of us who have attended – but also well known to anyone who has watched previous WHCD on C-SPAN.

“Those people have nuclear codes, but they can’t take a f*cking joke,” Colbert snarked.

CNN’s Don Lemon gave Wilmore the middle finger at the most recent dinner, which was caught on camera. But Wolf Blitzer seemed most upset, after Wilmore made a joke comparing Blitzer to a drone, Wilmore revealed last night,

Wilmore likened the experience to living on a farm, where you don’t want to give names to the animals you are going to eat.