Once again Keshet International is bringing a new reality format to the Mipcom/MipTV markets after a promising launch in Israel. Following previous unscripted entries like Rising Star and Boom!, this time Keshet will be shopping new adventure reality format Welcome To The Wild to international buyers next month at Mipcom.

The first season, Welcome to the Wild: Amazon, was produced and aired by Keshet Israel. The show, in the vein of The Amazing Race and Survivor, already has been renewed for a second season, which will be set in a different exotic location.


The first season followed 18 contestants — divided into 3 teams — as they embarked on a wild journey along nature’s craziest and longest obstacle course – the Amazon River. At each leg of the race, a challenge inspired by the ancient culture of a different hidden tribe reveals itself.

The producers explain how Welcome to the Wild‘s format differs from other shows in the genre. Rather than running through a city or only briefly hearing the host describe the culture, contestants get to learn about the terrain through fast-paced missions and challenges that are inspired by the terrain’s culture and mythology. They get to see the place through the eyes of those who live there and immerse themselves in many different aspects of the world’s most intriguing locales.