Donald Trump is “a racist, abusive coward who would permanently damage the fabric of our society” if he became President, says an Avengers-heavy video dropped today by a new Joss Whedon-backed Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton.

“Do we really wanna give nuclear weapons to a man whose signature move is firing things?” adds the Whedon-penned spot (check it out above) starring Marvel alums Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson Don Cheadle, Clark Gregg and Mark Ruffalo. The West Wing and Grace & Frankie’s Martin Sheen, Julianne Moore, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Stanley Tucci, James Franco, Rosie Perez, Tarran Killam, Bradley Whitford, Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams, Fresh Off The Boat‘s Randal Park and Keegan-Michael Key are also in the Important spot too. “We cannot pretend both sides are equally unfavorable,” the former fictional U.S. President Jed Bartlet says in the clearly pro-Clinton spot, which never actually mentions either candidate by name.


Besides clearly slamming the GOP candidate and past Celebrity Apprentice host, the 3-minute get-out-the-vote plea from Whedon’s Save The Day group promises that Ruffalo will appear naked in his next movie if you mark your ballot on Election Day.

Having put $1 million behind getting the former Secretary of State back into the White House, Whedon plans on making a series of videos encouraging voter registration and participation leading up to November 8. A longtime backer of the Democrats who called out Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for President, the Avengers and Buffy The Vampire Slayer chief has used various platforms over the years to get his POV across. He announced this latest effort with a return to social media this morning:

Whedon’s annual solo appearance at Comic-Com has seen Whedon proclaim America was heading to becoming Tsarist Russia and “a country of serfs,” as he said in 2013. This year, the blockbuster superhero movie director told the crowd in San Diego that “the dialogue between audiences and studios is defaulting and they keep finding a lower common denominator.”