Veep Joe Biden will make his first guest appearance on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Thursday.

Biden currently is campaigning for Dem candidate Hillary Clinton. He will be making his Fallon show debut three days after Clinton’s first debate with GOP nominee Donald Trump. Last month, making his debut appearance on Clinton’s campaign trail,  Biden said Trump “would have loved Stalin.”

“This guy’s shame has no limits,” Biden told a crowd in his hometown of Scranton, PA. He noted that Trump, at a news conference in July, urged Russia to conduct a cyber attack against America when he invited Russian hackers to find and publish emails Clinton says she were deleted because they were personal.

“I can say without hesitation … no major party nominee in the history of the United States of America has known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than Donald Trump,” Biden said back thene. “And what absolutely amazes me is that he doesn’t seem to want to learn it. … He doesn’t think it matters.”