Walking up to his Emmy hosting gig, Jimmy Kimmel’s JKL YouTube channel cracked 5B video views on Monday.

Launched in January of 2009, the channel’s most-watched video, with more than 66M views, remains 2010’s Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan, with  66.359M views:

Next in line: Kimmel’s 2011 Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge (57.44M). Kimmel’s 2014 Halloween Candy challenge also cracked the Top 10, at 52.1M+ views.

Celebrity Mean Tweets No. 7, also from 2014, is Kimmel’s most-watched video of that franchise, logging 57.4M views. Mean Tweets account for six of JKL’s Top 10 YouTube videos.

The Captain America: Civil War Trailer World Premiere is the channel’s only movie-trailer video to crack the Top 10. It is JKL’s fourth most-watched video with 57.2M views.