HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver won the Emmy for best variety talk series, but Jimmy Kimmel won for best variety talk series loser segue on the Emmy stage.

After Oliver delivered a brief, sincere acceptance speech ending, in an Emmy first, with a plea to the orchestra, “Please play me off,” Matt Damon sauntered out on stage, eating an apple, and asked Emmy host Kimmel,  “I missed the last category. Did you win?”

“No, I didn’t win,” Kimmel growled.

“That’s a bummer,” Damon said, patronizingly. “That makes a lot of sense, but you must be really bummed out.”

“Yeah I’m a little disappointed,” Kimmel acknowledged.

Damon: “So, you’re not going to get a trophy?”

Kimmel: “No I don’t get a trophy. Are you finished?”

Told Oliver had won, Damon raved,  “This is so humiliating. You lost and now you’ve got to stand out here for the rest of the night, when you probably just want to go home and curl up and cry.”

Walking up to tonight’s ceremony, Kimmel said he’d probably “swap out the envelopes or something” on the variety talk series category– or wait and hear whose name is announced, “try to wipe the tears, and continue hosting.”

Last week, Oliver’s weekly topical late-night show snagged its first Emmy win, for best variety series writing. Tonight’s best variety talk series category had been wide open – the two late-night series that had dominated the derby for more than a decade, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, having both ended their runs.  Oliver was presumed successor in some circles, having worked as a writer on Stewart’s show and impressively filled in as host when Stewart took time off to make the movie Rosewater.