Camera crews waited breathlessly outside the Manhattan studio where Donald Trump taped Dr. Oz‘s Thursday show this afternoon as part of the candidate’s made-for-TV transparency on his health.

A couple hours earlier, media was all a’twitter, having been told this morning Trump would NOT share results of his physical examination, conducted last week, on the syndicated show. But Dr. Mehmet Oz had promoted that he would get the results. Sure enough, Trump, the P.T Barnum of Politics, showed up and handed Oz a copy of “results” during the taping for tomorrow’s episode of the syndicated daytime program.

The physical exam was conducted, news orgs said citing Team Trump, by the candidate’s personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein – he of the “astonishingly excellent” health letter. Bornstein later told NBC News he dashed off  those hyperbolic four documents in five minutes, in a nervous state, while a Trump limo waited outside his office. In that letter, he proclaimed Trump would be the healthiest person ever elected POTUS.


Today, Trump got asked about Bornstein’s letter recapping the exam results, by a doctor/TV show host who said his TV studio is his office and he would therefore not ask Trump any questions he’d said in advance he did not want to have to answer about his health because, privacy.

TV news outlets grabbed audience members as they exited today’s taping.

“I thought Trump was very transparent, that he brought his medical records,” said one Laurance Rassin, on the street, under questioning by CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield. “His cholesterol level is actually lower than mine, which I thought was pretty impressive,” added Rassin, who’d worn a Donald Trump T-shirt to the taping.

Pressed for more details he revealed, “I was pretty amazed they brought the medical record and we were actually sitting in the room while Dr. Oz went over Donald Trump’s medical record. He’s in great health; he said he’d like to lose a few pounds, but who wouldn’t. And I think he said that maybe that’s the only thing he would like to work on. But Dr. Oz did say that if he had a patient like Donald Trump, with this report, he would send them on their way. So I think that’s pretty telling.”

“He’s been healthy – he says he’s been healthy, I believe him,” Rassin continued. “He’s got a great report from his doctor. I think that’s great for his candidacy. And ultimately Great for America.”

Banfield finally got around to asking him about the Trump T-shirt. “I’m a Donald Trump supporter,” he explained, adding “I’ve met him several times at his club in Palm Beach. He’s a good candidate and he just wants to Make America Great Again.”