When Mark Burnett was asked in the press room about Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel’s joke at the onset of tonight’s show, specifically how The Apprentice producer is responsible for propping the popularity of GOP candidate Donald Trump, The Voice Emmy winner beamed “It’s easy to be a good sport….I’m sure Donald is thrilled, I bet you he’s emailing Jimmy now!”

Kimmel quipped earlier tonight “Thanks to Mark Burnett, we don’t have to watch reality shows anymore because we’re living in one.” The late night talk show host also joked that if Trump gets into office, Burnett would be the first one thrown over the GOP’s planned Mexico-United States border wall. Following Burnett’s reality/competition Emmy win for The Voice tonight, Kimmel ribbed, ““That Emmy is going on the hood of Trump’s limousine!”

“How do you feel about Donald Trump?” leaned one reporter backstage, refusing to accept Burnett’s polite response.

The reality TV guru dodged, “How much free media can any one person get?” indicating how Trump is the last person to be upset about his name being dropped on the show, whether it’s good or bad.

Said Burnett, “I think it’s an example really about how everything is changing whether it’s big business or politics.”

Burnett then ended his answer with an acronym that threw the whole press room off: “It’s all MFMO. It’s mobile first or media over.”