The Dr. Oz Show this morning promised GOP nominee Donald Trump is going to address why the health of the presidential candidates has become such a big issue in this campaign. Trump will talk about Hillary Clinton’s health, and his, on September 15 during the first week of the show’s eighth season.

The two candidates’ health has given us some of this election cycle’s best made-for-TV moments. It has only been a couple weeks, for instance, since Hillary Clinton was consumed with Pickle Jar-gate and Trump had to contend with an interview his personal doctor gave to NBC News, in which the good doctor said he had anxiously dashed off in five minutes that document he wrote proclaiming Trump to be in “astonishingly excellent” health.

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In the one-on-one with Trump on Thursday, the candidate will discuss with Dr. Mehmet Oz his “health regimen” and “share his vision for America’s health.” He also will answer questions about “your well-being, security, money and more.”

The Dr. Oz Show’s new season premieres Monday, featuring mothers of police officers killed in Dallas and Baton Rouge and a discussion of gun violence. The premiere week of the syndicated daily series, produced by Harpo Productions and distributed by Sony Pictures TV, wraps with an episode in which Oz talks to CNN’s doctor Sanjay Gupta about how people can protect themselves from the zika virus and a segment honoring doctors who treated Orlando nightclub shooting victims.