Though late-night shows went live after the record-breaking first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, they took a deeper, more satisfying dive the next night, after digesting all the pundits’ postmortems.

NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers marveled that Fox News’ Brit Hume described Clinton as having looked “composed, smug and not necessarily attractive,” when Trump’s face throughout “looked like someone was making a fist inside a sock puppet.”

Clinton brought up Trump having fat-shamed a former Miss Universe winner, back in the day when he co-owned the pageant. But, earlier in the debate, Trump challenged Clinton’s comments about the Russian hack of DNC, saying that had not been proven and the hack might have been orchestrated by China, or “somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. ”

“Wow, Trump is so superficial he just fat-shamed a dude he just made up,” Meyers joked.

Late Show’s Stephen Colbert, meanwhile, poked fun at Clinton’s reaction to Trump telling her she had a temperament problem. The Late Show star also revealed Trump is polling very well in Narnia and has a firm endorsement from The Lollipop Guild, after noting Trump boasted he won a CBS poll about the debate — despite CBS saying it did not conduct a post-debate poll.

More reflective than polling, Colbert suggested, the peso went up after the debate, while gold skidded during the face-off.

Also contributing to next-day debate discussion, Jimmy Kimmel unveiled his first ever two-candidate edition of Drunk Debate: