CBS This Morning chose National Podcast Day – today – to launch its daily podcast. In the inaugural episode, CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers asked show co-hosts Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell about the program and who, living or dead, is their dream interview.

“Barring the pope,” Duthiers added.

“Barring the pope, that’s so funny,” King observed.

“Yeah, because everyone says the pope,” Duthiers explained.

Rose said he’d like to interview Barack Obama “right now more than anyone else. … But when we have time and he’s not rushing to do something else. Because he’s had eight years at the center of history.” Assume Rose is working on that as we speak.

“I’m still pining for Bruce Springsteen,” said King. The rock and roll Hall of Famer just last week sat down for an hour with CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert.

O’Donnell said she would like to interview Kim Jong-Un, though she doubted the U.S. military would allow him into the country.

“Nice. Wow,”  Duthiers said.

“But I don’t think he’s coming to this table,” O’Donnell reiterated.

“You never know,” Duthiers said, refusing to let her rain on his excitement. “He loves basketball, so you never know.”

Noting that every major candidate in this election cycle has appeared on the broadcast, including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Duthiers wondered which had been the most challenging interview.

Rose ducked the question by talking about how difficult it can be to get politicians to answer questions. “The most interesting interviews are people who are willing to give you things, willing to be in the moment, and tell you everything that they know and feel. That’s the best interview and that will produce the best result,” he said, illustrating the other kind of interviewee.

“Politicians have a reason not to be as transparent as we would like because they’re worried about mistakes and because the stakes are so high,” Rose continued, in an answer not as transparent as we would like.

“We’re the only morning show that had Vladimir Putin on. Drop the microphone, Vlad!” jumped in King, saving the moment by changing the subject from the crop of White House hopefuls. “Dalai Lama, drop the microphone,” she continued. “I could go on, but I’ll stop.”

Boasted Rose: “And we’re not afraid of having those kinds of people. A lot of the programs, not always morning, but particularly morning, will not do those kinds of things. They’re not really interested in foreign news. We had excerpts from, not only Vladimir Putin, but also the president of Egypt, [Abdel Fattah] el-Sisi. “

The daily podcast will bring CBS’ morning show to listeners around the globe. Posted each day following the morning broadcast, it will include news of the day, extended interviews and original content and available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Sticher.