Bill Clinton will visit The Daily Show for the 10th time on Thursday, but it will be his first sit-down on the Comedy Central late-night show since Trevor Noah became its host. Maybe not coincidentally, Thursday is Donald Trump’s night to visit The Tonight Show on NBC – Trump’s third stop on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night program.

The former president has been let off his leash and is making high-profile appearances since the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton nearly fainted at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial in NYC and decided to listen to doctors’ suggestion she take a few days off to recover from pneumonia.

Last night, Clinton sat down for an interview with Charlie Rose, which made headlines for CBS and PBS  networks. That did the trick, getting widespread pickup across the TV news landscape.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton remains booked for Tonight Show on Monday, to help Fallon kick off Premiere Week, launching the official 2016-2017 TV season