EXCLUSIVE: Are they really monsters? Or are they the monsters in Anne Hathaway’s head? That’s one of the big questions that Voltage Pictures’ Colossal poses. The Nacho Vigalondo feature, which endured a six-month legal battle, finally makes its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival at 9PM tonight at the Ryerson Theatre. Well that giant monster is definitely not Godzilla, and the catastrophes that occur in this monster movie-romantic comedy take place in Seoul. Hathaway plays a young woman on the up and down with her childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). But that’s not all. She learns that she’s connected to a monster who is wrecking havoc over in Seoul, even though she’s in America. In this exclusive first clip, Vigalondo teases, “This is from an early part of the film, and shows how Anne and Oscar evolve while the world is in shock. As in real life, massive destruction and faraway tragedies don´t stop our everyday.”