Last night we learned that American Horror Story season 6, titled My Roanoke Nightmare, will riff off the American legend of the Lost Colony in North Carolina when 117 colonists vanished between 1585 and 1587, and here we see that episode 2 airing next Wednesday at 10 PM will pick up right where we left off: Kathy Bates’ cleaver-wielding pilgrim is out to get Shelby and Matt’s farmhouse back, and will stop at nothing.

Says Sarah Paulson’s Shelby, who was last seen crashing the colonists’ fire party in the woods, “They were practicing devil worship”. What do Matt and Shelby decide to do? They’re going to fight these woodsy psychopaths. Also appearing next week: Denis O’Hare who is carrying an ax. Still, there’s no sign of Gaga yet. Given the teaser released for her during the summer, will she play out some homage to Tom Six’s 2009 movie The Human Centipede? 

Check out the trailer above.