If you’re still missing Jon Stewart, The Daily Show Host, unfortunately he’s never going back to that job. But a nice substitute just might be the weird and hilarious emergence of Jon Stewart, hardcore professional wrestling fan. Stewart’s long been an outspoken fan of sports entertainment but went pro (sorry) in March 2015 when he entered into a comedic beef with wrestler Seth Rollins, even appearing with Rollins in a segment on WWE Raw mimicking the Daily Show format. Later in the year he hosted the annual SummerSlam event, which went over so well WWE decided to bring him back again this year for a SummerSlam guest appearance tonight at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. And Stewart did not disappoint.

In one segment, he “accidentally” kicks off a backstage feud with WWE Chief Brand Officer and wrestling diva Stephanie McMahon while Mick Foley, Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon look on. In the second segment, Stewart went one better, appearing in the ring to declare his allegiance to tag team champions the New Day. Watch the latter above and the former below.

Best bits? Stewart’s total commitment to Kayfabe while standing next to his young son (and hearing Foley break out in laughter) and later donning a unicorn horn (because, as everyone knows, the New Day draw their power from “unicorn magic”) while wearing a “Booty-O’s” cereal t-shirt. We’ll pretend for a moment that wrestling isn’t scripted and pretend that Jon’s unicorn magic was just the thing to help the New Day keep their tag team title. But honestly, it doesn’t matter because I could watch Stewart kick it with the New Day for hours. Make that happen — OK, WWE?