Hulu has released its new trailer for  Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Summer Election Special 2016, debuting August 11, covering the RNC and DNC conventions in Cleveland and Philly, respectively.

A few days ago, Triumph and his handler, Robert Smigel, came to TCA to talk about their latest Hulu election-cycle special. During that Q&A, Smigel said Triumph discovered a Roger Ailes look-alike, who was so convincing he decided to take him to the RNC. In the company of Fake Ailes, Trumph “gained more access to areas I wasn’t supposed to go….I was like, ‘I’m with Roger Ailes’ and they would literally let me in. He’s the gift that keeps on giving,” Smigel said.<

The new special is the follow-up to the Triumph election special that debuted in February during the primary season.