There’s a new principal at Denver’s Smoot High in the upcoming second season of Those Who Can’t, truTV’s first scripted comedy. And here is the first trailer for the sophomore year of the show, which follows three trouble-making teachers who are more inept that the kids they educate.

In Season 2, the trio of teachers (series creators Andrew Orvedahl, Ben Roy and Adam Cayton-Holland) still are out to beat the system as they struggle to survive each day on their own terms. But standing in their way is the school’s rookie top administrator (Cheri Oteri), who seems to take a shine to Fairbell. The regime change has shaken things up dramatically, so they are forced to take their schemes to greater lengths in order to keep their jobs, their friends and their “dignity.” It’s going to be a long year.

Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of shenanigans in the learning institution’s not-hallowed halls as Shoemaker goes to Doubtfire-esque lengths to win his job back and librarian Abbey (Maria Thayer) digs up a little more of the school’s history than she’d planned. Sonya Eddy co-stars.

Joining Oteri — who is set for seven episodes — as guest stars this season are Patton Oswalt and Baron Vaughn, while Rory Scovel returns as Smoot’s disgraced former principal, Susie Essman as the wily home ec teacher and Kyle Kinane as the lush former U.S. history teacher.

TruTV officially became scripted TV player in March 2015 when it greenlighted Those Who Can’t as its first full-length scripted comedy series with a 10-episode order. The Turner-owned cable net then renewed the show in December, three months ahead of its February 11 launch. The series hails from Thank You, Brain! Productions and is executive produced by showrunner Dean Lorey, along with Tracey Baird, Krysia Plonka, Michael Rotenberg, Josh Lieberman, Richard Korson and Angel Annussek.

Back-to-school time for Those Who Can’t is October 6, when Season 2 premieres. Check out the trailer above.