“We are holding the Trump peyote scene until after the election,” The Circus EP Mark Halperin told TV critics this afternoon when asked if there was any embargoed footage they were going to air later.

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Asked if they were going to air some sort of post-mortem program, he said The Circus team was discussing doing “something bigger afterwards” with Showtime, adding, “I confess I don’t’ know where it stands.”

When Showtime chief David Nevins first suggested the show name The Circus: Inside The Greatest Political Show On Earth, “I thought, ‘It’s over the top’,” EP Mark McKinnon admitted.

The election cycle, McKinnon said, has turned out to be “a dramatic buffet for us.”

The Circus

The two Marks appeared on stage with Josh Griegman and Elyse Steinberg, directors of documentary Weiner about Anthony Weiner’s 2011 resignation from Congress after his photos of him in his underwear appeared on Twitter and subsequent campaign for mayor of New York City in 2013. Asked how typical Weiner and Trump are of today’s political animal, McKinnon said that politics and media coverage thereof tends to attract people who need the mirror of politics to see their reflection. Halperin noted New York seems to breed a slightly different animal who are comparable to other politicians “but maybe hyped up on steroids a bit.”

And while Hillary Clinton’s latest email problems resulting from the DNC hack have multiple “pending strands,” Donald Trump’s “mouth is more of a 24/7 thing,” noting that just this morning he “opened up the kimono” to reveal to a radio host that the reason he’s now calling President Obama the founder of ISIS, instead said Obama’s actions led to a vacuum that allowed ISIS to grow, is that if he said it that way “I would get no attention.”

“That’s being awfully open about something we suspected” that Trump deliberately says things in purposefully provocative ways, Halperin said.

In its first batch of episodes, The Circus followed presidential campaign moments that led to the Democratic and Republican nominations. For the next batch, the show returns Sunday, September 11 to cover the first presidential debate.

The Circus is produced in cooperation with Bloomberg Politics and features managing editors Halperin and John Heilemann (co-authors of the New York Times best-sellers Game Change and Double Down, and co-hosts of the nightly political show With All Due Respect on Bloomberg Television) and campaign strategist McKinnon.