2ND UPDATE, SATURDAY: Warner BrosSuicide Squad stormed into a further 17 markets on Friday grossing $33M from 17,900 screens in a total 57 markets. That brings the international cume to $64.6M after three days. The key plays added on Friday were the UK, Mexico and Spain, with Russia, Brazil and Australia continuing to pull the DC faithful into cinemas. Since beginning overseas rollout on Wednesday, the gang has set new benchmarks in several territories including providing Will Smith with some of his best debut numbers ever.

Comp Guardians Of The Galaxy, which blasted off in August two years ago, had a full opening weekend of $67.4M in 42 international bases. Suicide is rebelling in 15 more plays in its debut frame and will have overtaken GOTG today on its way north of $100M tomorrow. Deadpool bowed to $132.1M in 61 markets last February. Ahead of the weekend, sources had Suicide Squad anywhere from $85M-$120M this weekend. After today, the low end of that range will be history.

The UK was the big opener. With $6.2M on 1,233 screens, the Squad dominated the Top 5 with a 62% share. That tops the second week holdovers Finding Dory and Jason Bourne. The result is the biggest Friday debut ever in August and the best for a Smith film. Excluding previews, Suicide Squad topped the launches of Deadpool (+88%) and GOTG (+223%).

Mexico bowed to $3.9M on 2,976 screens, for a 76% share of the Top 5 on Friday. Smith scored his best opening day ever while the film outperformed GOTG by 196% and Deadpool by 88%. Due to a contract dispute with a local exhibitor, the film is not playing in all cinemas, but impact on the weekend is expected to be minimal.

Spain’s debut hit $1.4M on 569 screens; 8% over Deadpool and 92% over GOTG. Spain was not part of the initial suite of markets on either of those films.

In holds, Russia continues its muscular performance with a $2.6M Friday for a $6.4M total and 90% of the Top 5 films. With the Olympics lighting the torch in Rio last night, Brazilians nevertheless went to the cinemas, spending $2M for the day on 1,406 screens and lifting the cume to $5.1M. Australia picked up $2.3M on 516 screens, for a $4.8M two-day total. Wednesday openers Korea and France now have three-day tallies of $6.4M and $5.3M, respectively.

We’ll have the full offshore weekend update tomorrow.

1ST UPDATE, FRIDAY: Adding 33 more international markets on Thursday, Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad has lifted its offshore cume to $29.6M. There were No. 1s in all additional plays on Thursday with the 40 markets now in release accumulating $20.8M on Day Two.

Russia scored the industry’s biggest opening day of all time with $3.9M on 2,482 screens, and a massive 93% share of the Top 5 films. Australia kicked off with $2.4M on 516 screens, commanding 74% of the Top 5. The opening figure includes $350K in midnight shows which rank as the 2nd biggest of all-time for a superhero title. According to Warner Bros, the start was 205% bigger than Guardians Of The Galaxy and 18% bigger than Deadpool.

In Brazil, with 85% of the Top 5, the launch was $3M, including sneaks, on 1,405 screens. That makes Suicide Squad the biggest opening day ever in August, the biggest Will Smith opening day and the 3rd highest opening day for WB. Regarding comps, WB says the Brazil bow is 171% bigger than GOTG and 14% higher than Deadpool.

Holland also opened on Thursday, with the biggest opening day of all time for a superhero movie, the biggest opening day of 2016 and the biggest August opening ever with $517K on 158 screens.

Eastern Europe and the Middle East delivered a collective $5.7M.

In second-day holds, Korea maintained the No. 1 position with another $1.8M for a total $4.7M. France has now cumed $4.2M. There is one clarification to be made regarding the comp averages on France’s opening day below. Factoring in previews for both GOTG and Suicide Squad, the latter actually came out 33% above the former, rather than 80%.

The Thursday openings follow the trend set on Wednesday (see below) with strong debuts — along with an August record $20.5M start in domestic previews on Thursday night. So far, the fans are thumbing their noses at the critics.

UK midnights started last night with another 16 markets opening today. That will take the total to 57 for the weekend and we’ll update figures throughout.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY: Unleashed overseas in seven markets on Wednesday, Warner Bros’ adaptation of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad assembled $8.1M, largely from debuts in Korea and France. The starts bested Marvel comps Guardians Of The Galaxy and Deadpool in those plays, as well as Warner/DC’s own Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice from earlier this year. By the end of the weekend, the David Ayer-directed antihero Squad will be wreaking havoc in 57 international hubs, representing 70% of the offshore footprint.

The Squad led Korean box office with $2.9M on 732 screens. Opening on a non-traditional Wednesday (Thursday is the typical release date there), this is the 2nd best opening day ever for a Warner Bros film and the biggest August debut of all time for a U.S. movie. The launch more than tripled Guardians Of The Galaxy, per WB and is 58% above BVS and 54% over Deadpool. The robust Korean market is in the throes of a big run for homegrown fare which includes the 3rd frame of zombie smash Train To Busan and the 2nd week of Korean War drama Operation Chromite. Suicide Squad dominated those films as well as new entry The Last Princess which also bowed on Wednesday. Suicide Squad further gives stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie their best openings ever in Korea.

In France, the gang came in at $2.7M, on 667 screens including sneaks. That’s 80% 33% ahead of Guardians Of The Galaxy which was also an August bow in 2014. It was 7% above Deadpool‘s February launch and 57% bigger than BVS.

In Sweden, also on a non-traditional Wednesday, the kick-off was $564K on 147 screens, for a 53% share of the Top 5 films. That’s the biggest August opening day of all time, the biggest Will Smith opening day ever and exceeds GOTG by 50%, BVS by 33% and DP by 2%.

Overall, these are very strong openings for the film which is facing some pretty tough reviews but so far appears to be critic-proof. BVS fought off something of a similar situation in March and went on to a $254M debut in 66 markets. Given the marquee/lore names of those two caped guys, BVS is not a wholly equitable comp for lesser-known property Suicide Squad. Closer are GOTG and Deadpool. Ahead of the rollout, industry sources placed the Squad‘s offshore opening between GOTG, which bowed to $67.4M in 42 international markets on essentially the same weekend in 2014, and Deadpool, which bowed to $132.1M in 61 this past February. Finding a precise range has been tough what with the differences in the release patterns and ratings — and that Deadpool was such a particular phenomenon. Sources have had Suicide Squad anywhere from $85M-$120M this weekend, although more cautious predictions top out at $110M.

On both GOTG and DP — and excluding China in the former’s case — the UK was the top offshore market. The London premiere of Suicide Squad, which was held this week as the major international launch. The key UK market kicks off with midnights tonight. Starting their runs earlier today were notably Australia, Russia and Brazil along with another 30 markets. Domestic previews start tonight in about 3,700 locations.