With Suicide Squad being the it word of the weekend at the box office, Gotham EPs today said that at some point they’ll be revealing proto-versions on the show of Suicide Squad members Croc and Harley Quinn. Proto-version, well, what’s that? Essentially they’re early versions of the character who can grow to become the villains we know from the DC Batman universe. Gotham pulled this off last season with the character of Jerome. He’s a forerunner to The Joker, but is never specifically identified as the big guy. But, he has all the characteristics.

suicide squad

The EPs indicated that the Suicide Squad proto-versions are for down the road, not necessarily this season.

“The Indian Hill that exists in Gotham, that’s the bridge to these villains like killer Croc and Solomon Grundy,” said EP Ken Woodruff. Indian Hill is the research facility underneath Arkham Asylum which experiments on humans and monsters.

Said executive producer John Stephens, “It’s about developing the myth of the Joker, just like we’re developing the myth of Batman. It’s so we can stretch him over multiple seasons. The cult of The Joker began, and we’ll explore how that deepens and changes this year. There are underground movements where they talk about Jerome.”

In addition the EPs mentioned that Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney will be in the first two episodes of season 3, then return for the second half of the season.