“Speaking of things that happen every four years and are filled with poop,”  Late Show host Stephen Colbert said last night, seguing from Donald Trump and the general election to the Rio Olympics. start on Friday

While the IOC continues not to fix the Rio Games’ dangers, including  Zika, sewage in the swimming and sailing water (officials advise “keep your mouth closed in the toxic stew”),  uninhabitable housing, crime, lack of security, etc, the IOC and other officials is working diligently to protect their brand.

IOC and Team USA are informing media they cannot show the Olympic rings (Colbert improvised with interlocking CBS logos,)  nor can they post about the Games on social media accounts using certain hashtags.

With brought Colbert to the introduction of a new sponsor: Musa Tea.”If you enjoy our tea, brewed from the freshest mint in Morocco’s Musa mountains, be sure to share it with your friends on social, by using the hashtag” – well, you know where this is headed.