In advance of Donald Trump’s quick trip to Mexico today before delivering his long-awaited immigration speech, Stephen Colbert brought out The Werd and talked about the GOP candidate’s policy “Double Vision.”

The speech may clarify Trump’s apparent flip-flop on his primary promise to deport 11M illegal immigrants, “but not too much,” Colbert said. What Trump is saying now might be confused and meaningless, or, “he might just be confused and meaningless like a fox.”

From the day he announced his candidacy in June of ’15, Trump’s White House bid has been based on two things: Build the Wall and Deport Them All.

In recent polls, his numbers have shrunk, so he has toned down his tough talk, like when he told FNC’s Sean Hannity there could be a “softening” of that policy – “electile dysfunction,” Colbert’s Werd describes.

Only soon thereafter, when CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked him about this “softening” Trump countered, “I don’t think it’s a softening…I’ve heard people say it’s a hardening.”

Yes, The Werd had an Anthony Weiner joke.

“That is innovative leadership,” Colbert insisted. “For years, politicians have been so afraid of immigration that they wouldn’t take any position. Now Donald Trump has taken two….This is not flip flopping. He’s not saying ‘up,’ then changing his mind to ‘down’. His position is a firm up-down.”

“Whatever you believe, Trump agrees with you. I don’t know why he’s not getting 100 percent of the vote.”