UPDATED with video: While ABC’s late-night host Jimmy Kimmel welcomes Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton back to his show tonight in Hollywood, in New York, CBS Stephen Colbert wonders if U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte did not demonstrate in Rio, and on NBC’s Today this morning, that his talents are wasted on in the pool, and better suited for Washington.

The day after the Rio Olympics officially wrapped – and hours after Today aired the final bits of Matt Lauer’s interview with Lochte – four companies that had sponsorship relationships with the swimmer said they were not renewing or discontinuing those relationships. In the interview, portions of which first aired Saturday, the swimmer acknowledged he had “over-exaggerated” his original interview with NBC, claiming to have been robbed by a man who’d put a gun to his head. In the interview, Lochte acknowledged he’d urinated in the bushes outside the station and torn down a poster on the building while “intoxicated.” But he continued to say the situation got very tense when a gun was pulled on the group by a man authorities have described as a security guard.