Cheryl Boone Isaacs has been elected to a fourth and final one-year term as president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She ran unopposed. The vote came from the Academy’s Board of Directors, which recently added seven new members including Steven Spielberg and Laura Dern as well as three governors-at-large appointed in January by Boone Isaacs: Reginald Hudlin, Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Gregory Nava.

Also elected to officer positions by the Board:

Jeffrey Kurland, First Vice President (chair, Awards and Events Committee)
John Bailey, Vice President (chair, Preservation and History Committee)
Kathleen Kennedy, Vice President (chair, Museum Committee)
Nancy Utley, Vice President (chair, Education and Outreach Committee)
Jim Gianopulos, Treasurer (chair, Finance Committee)
David Rubin, Secretary (chair, Membership and Administration Committee)

Boone Isaacs is beginning her fourth term as president and her 24th year as a governor representing the Public Relations Branch. Bailey, Gianopulos, Kennedy and Kurland were re-elected to their posts. This will be the first officer stint for Rubin and Utley.

In a recent interview, Boone Isaacs spoke about her commitment to a diversity program launched in the wake of the outcry the past two years over the lack of people of color in Oscar acting categories. “We have a goal, and we are going to continue to work as hard as we can to meet that goal,” Boone Isaacs said of a plan to double the number of women and ethnic minority members in just a few years.

The Academy’s push to diversify its membership included inviting 683 prospective new members in late June — 46% of them were women, 41% were people of color, and 283 were from abroad.