Nielsen has a new denominator for its computation of TV ratings in the 2016-17 TV season.

It increased its National Television Household Universe figure by 1.7% to 118.4 million homes. That translates into a 0.8% increase, to 96%, in the percent of households that receive traditional TV signals from broadcast, cable, DBS, telco or broadband.

The number of persons over age 2 in those homes is up 1.6% to 301.7 million.The ratings company adds that it sees increases in the number of Hispanic, black and Asian households but did not specify how much they have changed.

Nielsen bases its estimates on U.S. Census Bureau data along with information gleaned from its findings when it recruits participants for its People Meter panels.

The company says a TV household must have at least one operating TV set or monitor that can handle video transmissions from an antenna, cable set-top-box or satellite receiver and/or with a broadband connection.