NCIS producer Charles F. Johnson has teamed with French producer-director-writer Joy Fleury and producer Karen Gordy to develop Amazons, a multi-episode live-action TV series about African female warriors. A network is not yet attached.

Amazons TV
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Co-created by showrunner Didier Lacoste (L’ecole du Pouvoir) and writer-director Armand Bernardi, the series tells the story of Amazons, an army of 6,000 female soldiers who fiercely fought against the French Colonial army and other enemies of the Dahomey Kingdom. The kingdom was the last non-colonized West African empire which existed from 1600-1894 and was unique in that men and women had societal parity and shared ruling authority over the government.

Bernardi wrote and directed documentary Ayahuasca, The Snake and I, and is a specialist in shamanistic practices that were worshiped and obeyed by the Amazons. Suzanne Preston Blier, an African studies professor at Harvard, will serve as historian for the Amazons project.