Media, a TV movie for TV One, is a backdoor pilot, we learned this afternoon when one TV critic asked point blank, saying it sure seemed like one. “I love a smart person!” gushed Penny Johnson Jerald, who plays the matriarch of a black family with a media empire called JUMP: Jones Universal Media Productions.

Maybe it’s not so surprising,  given the series is from Cathy Hughes, who founded Radio One and later expanded into TV One. Hughes became the first African-American woman to head a publicly traded corporation when her company went publicly in the late 90’s.

Johnson said that, in Media, she plays a woman “at the top of her game, and in midst of a presidential election right now you can believe that a woman is at the top of her game,” which doesn’t seem to be giving Hughes much credit, but, whatever.

She’s played many matriarch roles but this one “feels really, really, really good,” the actress said.