Lucille Ball — and her hometown fans — received a much-welcomed gift today: A new bronze statue to replace the hilariously awful one that made headlines around the world as “Scary Lucy.”

The new statue, sculpted by artist Carolyn D. Palmer, was unveiled today at the Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Ball’s hometown of Celoron, NY. Today would have been the TV legend’s 105th birthday.

“I not only wanted to portray the playful, animated and spontaneous Lucy, but also the glamorous Hollywood icon,” said Palmer. “I just hope that all the Lucy fans are pleased and that Lucille Ball herself would have enjoyed this image of her.”

This is the park’s second attempt at a Lucy likeness, following sculptor Dave Poulin’s 2009 massive fail. Poulin’s unintentionally heinous statue, with its demon eyes, horse teeth and altogether lack of resemblance to the Lucy everyone loved, prompted a public outcry and was soon dubbed “Scary Lucy.” A chastened Poulin offered a re-do, but the Western New York village chose instead to stage a national competition.

The Hudson Valley, NY-based Palmer was chosen from a pool of more than 65 competing sculptors. Her six-foot-tall bronze statue depicts Ball in a 1950s polka-dot dress, pearls, handbag and high-heels.

The new statue will no doubt come as a relief to Lucy fans and little children everywhere. Here’s Lucy, 2.0:

Palmer Lucy Ball 5-1


And here’s Scary Lucy:

Scary Lucy
Post-Journal via AP