On social media, Leslie Jones proved early on to be by far the most exciting commentator on the Rio Olympics. Having taken up NBC’s offer to join their team, the Ghostbusters star today arrived at the Games to give the Comcast-owned net’s coverage a shot in the arm of Saturday Night Live fun and energy.

Unfortunately, Jones didn’t have the best vantage point at first to capture the action.

NBC brass must have realized that their star power needed to get the same treatment as a Bob Costas and soon moved Jones to what seems to be a better location.

After tweeting up a storm over the opening weekend and possibly hitting a bigger audience that some NBC-broadcasted events, Jones was invited on August 8 by NBC Olympics EP Jim Bell to come down to Rio de Janeiro. The SNL cast member accepted and soon was in the air. She arrived in the Brazilian metropolis and got her credentials today — as she told Twitter:

No word yet from NBC on exactly what Jones will be doing for the net’s multi-channel and online coverage, but Thursday’s tweets show she’s certainly jumping the gun — in the best way. “Starting this Friday, Jones will attend live Olympic events, including swimming, track and field, gymnastics and beach volleyball; meet athletes; and spread her passion for sports and the Olympics on-air and online,” said NBC Sport in a statement earlier this week.

Well, better early than never – cause who else you gonna call?