Larry Wilmore’s final The Nightly Show telecast, in which Jon Stewart stopped by to say so-long, clocked 625K Live + Same Day viewers. And, 126K of them fell into the 18-34 age bracket.

It was Wilmore’s second biggest crowd of the week – behind  the 665K he logged on Monday, hours after Comedy Central announced it was cancelling the late-night program. Previous Thursday, Nightly averaged 436K viewers.

But the Nightly finale marked the show’s smallest number of the week week in the demo. The previous night, Wilmore snared 170K Live + Same Day viewers in the 18-34 age group. On the other hand, last night’s demo is a big step up from one week earlier, the show averaged just 82K logged in the age bracket on Thursday.

Wilmore did get a bit of a finale bump, retaining an unusually strong 95% of its The Daily Show lead-in in total viewers (625,000 vs. 660,000).

Versus his season averages headed into this week, Wilmore’s finale was up 27% in total viewers (625,000 vs. 494,000). Last night’s finale was up versus Nightly Show’s season average in 18-34 by 3% (126,000 vs. 122,000), – a small increase held down in part by a below average lead-in from TDS,  which was 34% below its 18-34 season average (132,000 last night vs. an average 199,000 headed into this week).

“I have been in situations, in what we call television, where my name has been on the show and they have locked the door and told me, ‘Get your shit and get out’,” Stewart told Wilmore, stopping by to try to pinch the champagne John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight had sent to Wilmore. “A very wise man said to me, ‘Do not confuse cancellation with failure.’ And I took that to heart,” Stewart said – advice he previous said he got from David Letterman.