“What did I miss? What’s going on?” Jon Stewart said, on Larry Wilmore’s final The Nightly Show, after getting caught trying to walk off with the bottle of champagne John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight sent over.

Wilmore told him Comedy Central had canceled the late-night program.

“Did you piss off Peter Thiel? Does revenge know no bounds?” Stewart marveled.

[Billionaire PayPal co-founder Thiel reportedly secretly bankrolled Hulk Hogan’s invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Gawker, which previously had identified Thiel as gay, according to press reports. Hogan was awarded a $140M judgment against Gawker.]

“I have been in situations, in what we call television, where my name has been on the show and they have locked the door and told me, ‘Get your shit and get out’,” Stewart consoled Wilmore last night. “And a very wise man said to me, ‘Do not confuse cancellation with failure.’ And I took that to heart.” Stewart previously has attributed that advice to David Letterman.

A few moments later, Stewart said, “And so, in closing, I want to say to you, this,  ‘You did it my…”

No you can’t say that…word!” interrupted Wilmore, who’d taken a lot of heat over that final line of his White House Correspondents Dinner address to President Obama.

“…my mishpocheh,” Stewart finished.