FXX in early 2015 took in the Animation Domination High-Def  block, which had originally run on Fox. In January 2017, FX’s flagship animated series Archer will migrate to FXX, This is part of a major animation push for the comedy-centric FXX, home of The Simpsons repeats, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf indicated at TCA on Tuesday.

“We are really happy with FXX, it’s growing, particularly in the younger end of the spectrum,” Landgraf said. “As freestanding studio, ADHD shut down, but you will see FXX going really aggressively in animation, and short-form animation.”

That is not to say that FXX, which launched with FX’s biggest comedy hit, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, is getting out of the live-action business, Landgraf said. But animated content will be ramped up. “It’s one of the things that we excited about, it’s us taking new really big shots.”

FX Networks in 2013 made the biggest off-network deal for The Simpsons library to air on FXX. The reruns have boosted FXX’s ratings. FX/FXX is one animated pilot in the works, a cop show from Louis C.K. and Albert Brooks, that is eyed for FXX. More animated development will follow as the efforts in that area will be stepped up.

Part of the rationale for the push — animated comedies attract the younger viewers that FXX is after.

ADHD on FXX launched with new episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and Stone Quackers. The block continues to air weekly with repeats.