Donald Trump finally has entered the TV ad wars for the November general election, and he got a familiar face — if not necessarily a familiar name or voice — to narrate it. Bruce McGill, the prolific character actor who co-stars on Rizzoli & Isles but is locked into movie comedy lore as D-Day from Animal House, does the voice-over for the spot titled “Two Americas: Immigration.”

Donald Trump ad
Team Trump via YouTube

The ad begins with verbiage that has been pounded into our collective brains during the past year-plus: “In Hillary Clinton’s America,” McGill says, “The system stays rigged against Americans.” From there, it’s talk of Syrian refugees, illegal immigrants convicted of crimes who “get to stay, collecting Social Security,” etc. But have no fear, America: President Trump would keep our borders secure and our families safe.

Don’t let frat-boy swimmers, the zika virus or Emmy season fool you: It’s a mere 80 days until Election Day — the amount of time it took Phileas Fogg to circumnavigate the globe in 1873 (and David Niven in 1956). The presidential election is around the corner, and this 30-second spot puts Trump squarely in the TV political ad game. Take a look and listen above.