NBC Late Night star Seth Meyers reiterated NBC’s generous offer to cast Donald Trump in a new primetime series, Chicago President only, because he’s now trailing in the polls, the offer has been downgraded somewhat. Okay, a lot.

“I’m sorry Donald. It breaks my heart, but you should have taken the offer last month,” Meyers said, cautioning Trump that this new offer has a quick expiration date. “It could be even worse a week from now. You’re tied in Georgia. If Arizona goes blue, the offer drops again, to a one-episode series on Taxi-TV, where you play White House Janitor, and the salary will be one Blindspot sweatshirt from the NBC Experience store.”

Back in June, two days after banning Trump from appearing on his late-night show when Trump banned Washington Post from Trump campaign events, Meyers addressed a growing theory that the candidate doesn’t actually want to be POTUS. Trump, Meyers theorized then, was only in the race for the publicity, was now trying to nuke his campaign to make sure he loses. (Current conspiracy theory has Trump candidacy a stunt as part of a plan to partner with ousted Fox News chief Roger Ailes and launch a new cable news network).

Back then Meyers announced that if Trump would drop out of the race, NBC would award him a 13-episode scripted series in which he would get to play POTUS. Meyers acknowledged he had not actually run this idea by NBC, but assured Trump, “they’re not picky.”