Golly, no one could have seen this coming.

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto has tweeted that, contrary to what Donald Trump said at their joint news conference today, he did tell the GOP nominee very clearly that Mexico would not pay for that wall when the two men met today.

Trump’s upcoming immigration speech in Arizona tonight just got 20% more interesting for TV news networks because, of course, the president’s tweet contradicts what Trump said at their presser.

“At the beginning of the conversation with Donald Trump I made it clear Mexico will not pay for the wall,” Peña Nieto tweeted:

The conversation turned to “other issues … in a respectful manner,” the politician added in a second tweet.

After the two men met today, Trump had told reporters they did talk about his plan for a Great Wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. But he said they did not discuss who would pay for it, saving it for another meeting — which, apparently, Peña Nieto felt the need to contradict.

Trump’s campaign responded to Peña Nieto’s tweet in a statement: “Today was the first part of the discussion and a relationship builder between Mr. Trump and President Peña Nieto. It was not a negotiation and that would have been inappropriate.”