During NBC’s TCA executive session, entertainment president Jennifer Salke noted that after “stabilizing the Chicago franchise and launching the Menendez Brothers miniseries,” part of the new Law & Order: True Crime limited series franchise, next on the to-do list for Dick Wolf wold be to “look to New York for another crime franchise down the line.”

Here are more details about the project. TheNew York crime drama will be set in the world of the FBI. “It’s one of the greatest brands in the world,” Wolf said. “Everyone knows what the FBI is.”

Wolf already has actively been researching the subject, meeting with FBI executives and other sources, including FBI director James Comey. At TCA, Wolf shared some facts from of the research he had done, noting that the New York office of the FBI is the biggest in the country, the average age of an FBI agent is 30 and the acceptance rate in the bureau 1%. “I think they do an impossible job incredibly well,” Wolf said, admitting that he is a big fan of the FBI.

Because of how full Wolf’s plate is, the new FBI drama is eyed for the 2018-19 season. It is possible that the new show would be introduced on Wolf’s Law & Order: SVU, which is set in New York. That is a strategy Wolf has used for the spinoffs of all of his series.

Wolf has five scripted series on NBC this coming season, four Chicago dramas, including the latest offshoot Chicago Justice, and veteran Law & Order: SVU, as well as the limited series Law & Order: True Crime.