Amy Schumer talked at length about Kurt Metzger, a writer on her Inside Amy Schumer Comedy Central series, in an interview with Charlie Rose. Metzger sparked a social media furor over comments he made on Facebook about a sexual abuse scandal, comments to which Schumer responded.

“He baits people,” Schumer told Rose said. “He’s the problem, no question, but the focus is on him rather than on what the really — the real main problem is.” Rose interjected asking Schumenr “you mean a smart understanding of what rape has become,” to which Schumer responded affirmatively. “To focus your energy on online trolling, if I did that, I wouldn’t get anything done,” she said. “Let’s focus on actually getting the problem done.”

Schumer also talked about the mood in the writers room for her show, and how Metzger is a welcome presence. “One of the reasons he’s such a great writer, and such a great contributor to our television show is because his views are so different from that of mine and most of the other writers in the room,” explaining that Metzger offers a real “male perspective.”

“Kurt’s my friend,” she told Rose. “I love him. I’m not on Facebook so I don’t read his crazy rants. Like he just — he gets something from going after people, making them mad. That is not representative of me at all. I — and, you know, I’ve asked him, just, ‘can you just stop?’ Because it comes back to me.”

You can watch the interview in the video above.