TV critics got a sneak peek at Amazon’s new pilots, including I Love Dick and a reboot of The Tick this afternoon at TCA. All of the pilots will be launched on Amazon on August 19 and, in a first, on August 31 will premiere for 24 hours on Twitch, the video platform and community for gamers.

The critics also got a first look at two scenes from Woody Allen’s new Amazon series Crisis in Six Scenes, set in the 60’s “when American society had been brought to the verge of revolution.”

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Allen plays Sidney Muntzinger, a writer who, in the first scene, is asking his barber to give him James Dean’s haircut. His barber says it took him all summer to read Muntzinger’s latest novella because it kept putting him to sleep. Watch the full scene here.

Scene 2 involves Miley Cyrus lecturing Allen’s character over the hot fudge machine he has in his kitchen, because, while he’s making fudge, Americans are suffering from malnutrition.

She calls him a “boob” and a “stooge.” He orders her out of his home.

Crisis in Six Scenes premieres on September 30.