Sitting dead-center in Brad Pitt’s fan-favorite WWII comfort zone, this new teaser trailer for Robert ZemeckisAllied should put plenty of folks in mind of Pitt’s hits. The Paramount Pictures release pairs Pitt with Marion Cotillard as two very stylish WWII spies, lending the clip a decided Inglourious Basterds meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe, topped with some floppy River Runs Through It hair.

“They’re watching us,” says Cotillard, in full-on Casablanca mode. “Now kiss me.”

Pitt plays Max Vatan, a U.S. intelligence officer, who teams up (in a fake marriage) with French Resistance fighter Cotillard’s Marianne Beausejour on a mission to kill a German ambassador – in Casablanca, no less. Later they reunite in London, where, we assume, the romance and thrills continue.

“I told you they’d come for you,” someone warns. Plenty of machine-gunfire backs up the claim.

“Is this a game?” Pitt asks in the 60-second teaser, released by Paramount Pictures on Friday. “A test,” he’s told.

Allied hits theaters Nov. 23. The screenplay is by Steven Knight, who exec produces with Patrick McCormick, Denis O’Sullivan, and Jack Rapke. Zemeckis and Graham King produce.