Tatiana Maslany, who received her second Emmy drama actress nomination last week for Orphan Black, will say goodbye to the BBC America show after its fifth and final season next year. It will wrap up the role of a lifetime for the Canadian actress, who has gotten to wear several different masks from suburban housewife (Alison Hendrix) to fierce Ukrainian (Helena) on the series.

Three years ago, when Maslany was overlooked at the Emmys, Scandal star Kerry Washington was dumbfounded: She’s always been gobsmacked by Maslany’s work.

Today at Comic-Con ahead of the show’s official panel this afternoon in Room 6BCF, Maslany didn’t specify new projects but said, “I’d like to do more theater.” She has two features on the horizon: Kim Nugyen’s tragic-co-dependent love story Two Lovers And A Bear and David Gordon Green’s Boston Marathon bombing feature Stronger opposite Jake Gyllenhaal.

In Two Lovers And A Bear, Maslany plays a wife, who along with her husband brave life in a town near the North Pole. The pic has nuances of The Revenant. 

Still, playing all sorts of clones on Orphan Black is the ultimate challenge for an actor. Will Maslany ever find that high again?

“Of course, the quantity (of roles) on Orphan Black was a challenge for me, I but I seek out challenge in my work, and collaborating with different directors is a challenge in itself,” said Maslany.

Graeme Manson, co-creator of Orphan Black, said, “It was our decision to end the show.” Talking with co-creator John Fawcett, they’re completely open to a spinoff series or a feature film, but there’s nothing definite at this point.

“In Two Lovers, the elements themselves were a challenge, and the emotional depth spoke to me. It’s not always about the amount of characters,” added the actress.

In regards to teasing the final season of Orphan Black, will there be more clone casualties? Will the clones reach a peaceful equilibrium? 

“I feel like (clones being killed off) have been a threat from Season 1,” she said. “We’re not exempt from that. I don’t see a quiet peacefulness for them; their spirits are restless and they’re not tamable.”