One hundred years from now our grandchildren will look back on this night and ask why we weren’t more excited about Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination to become POTUS, Stephen Colbert forecast on his live Late Show tonight after the wrap of DNC Day 2.

Maybe it’s Hillary Clinton’s personal style. Or perhaps we’ve heard so much about her, much of it negative, we don’t know who she is any more.

“What do we have to do to get to know the real Hillary Clinton?” Colbert wondered, before playing a clip from Bill Clinton’s speech tonight, in which he mentioned the “only option is to create a cartoon” of his wife.

Colbert did, congratulating her on her historic achievement. “Thank you. This is what I love about America,” Cartoon Clinton responded. “It’s the only place where a Secretary of State, senator, and lifelong public servant can be put on equal footing with a screaming cantaloupe.”

Back in May, Colbert introduced Cartoon Donald Trump to his Late Show repertoire.