Spoiler alert: Half of you reading this now are going to love it; the other half — not so much. Proving for the second time in a year that at the show’s advanced age, its best incarnations come in bite-sized form instead of full episodes, The Simpsons has dropped another scathing animated take on the 2016 election. This time, however, it settles once and for all that the family will be voting for Hillary Clinton in November, thanks to a particularly scary campaign commercial (and a threat from Marge to withhold sex). See for yourself above.

The short combines what amounts to a mundane take on Aristophanes’ Lysistrata with some advanced digs at Donald Trump. Depicting the oft-imagined scenario in which the President receives an emergency phone call in the middle of the night, the short conjures up nearly all versions of the prevailing narrative that the GOP presidential candidate isn’t temperamentally fit to run the country. Tiny hands? Check. Orange makeup? Check. Distracted by trivia? Check. Too busy to take a call from the red phone because he’s tweeting angry things about Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Trump (with a copy of the speeches of Adolf Hitler on his bed) grudgingly agrees to go to the situation room only after his hair and makeup are complete. The process takes so long however that China is already mid-invasion by the time he’s ready, prompting him to angrily insist on building another wall. “Yes, in the ocean, loser!”

Whether you support him or not, I imagine the reveal that his hair is actually a shaggy dog wrapped around his head isn’t that beyond the pale. Naturally, given the show’s cultural and political bent — including a mention of “President Trump” in a flash-forward 2000 episode — that the writers are all-in for Hillary shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. But even so, it’s interesting considering the show’s placement in popular culture to see them staking out such a clear, if parodic, position on a divisive national question. But what do I know? Feel free to let me know in comments.