Seth Meyers joined the chorus of TV news talent and late-night star hosts who said Donald Trump’s RNC nominations acceptance speech last night, “cast a dark view of America based on fear and misinformation,”

In a special live post-RNC edition of Late Night,  Meyers recapped the final day of the RNC, including the lineup of GOP candidates Trump had squashed during the primary, who warmed up the crowd for the conquering candidate. That included Marco Rubio, who appeared as a Giant Talking Head on a jumbo screen, so Trump would stop calling him Little Marco, and Ted Cruz who was booed off stage when he refused to endorse the nominee.

“Is there anyone more comfortable being hated than Ted Cruz?” Meyers asked, rhetorically.

For those wondering how he would top his ET-returning-to-earth entrance at the confab on Monday, Meyers reported Trump did not arrive wearing Cruz’s pelt. Instead, he went with “some inappropriate father-daughter touching.”

Then he launched into his message: ‘We are currently living in a dystopian nightmare’ message.

“Trump talked about America like he was pitching a post-apocalyptic show to the Syfy Network,” Meyers said.

And, when he spoke about the LGBTQ population, Trump spoke the letters as though it was the first time, “like giving Pat Sajak letters for Wheel of Fortune.